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Fatality Files: Site Foreman Killed When Platform Detaches From Structure

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Quebec’s workplace health and safety agency, the CSST, is investigating a fatality involving a 44-year-old construction foreman in Montreal, QC.

Dany Cléroux was standing on a platform attached to an ice-control structure on the Champlain Bridge when the platform somehow became detached as it was being lowered. Cléroux fell into the St. Lawrence River.

His employer, construction firm Groupe TNT, said in a statement that Cléroux was a “very well-liked, competent and experienced site foreman who applied a safety-first approach.”

The victim’s wife, Dominique Nantel, told reporters that he was always diligent about safety.

The CSST says the foreman had been observed to be wearing a safety harness on previous descents on the platform, but witnesses were not able to say whether that was the case when the platform failed.

Cléroux had worked for Groupe TNT for at least a decade.

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